In Japan Washi (wa-meaning Japanese and shi -meaning paper) is an art form in itself so...

I create art with art.

Japan was introduced to paper making in the 7th Century. Since, they have taken it to an Art form.

My and my Mother's Artwork honors the Traditional and promotes the sustainability of the Region's Lifestyle of those wonderful people that have been creating Washi for over 20 Generations!

Satoyama - "Living in Harmony with Nature"

In the Legend, The Paper deity (Kawakami Gozen) advised the residents, when farmland was scarce, to use their clean and pure water to make paper.

They thanked the Goddess for this and built a Shrine to venerate her called the Okamoto Shrine on the Okamoto River.

At one time, reserved for only the most priviledged, Washi became available for all in the post-war years.

"Washi Spirit"

"Man is the river, Man is the rain. Man is the wave.
Water is the medium.
And Washi is the waters spirit.

It's first secret is awakening.
All life comes from water. So the Washi does.

It's second secret is relieving.
Born floating in the water, Washi transmits weightlessness.

It's third secret is soothing.
Moving with the waters flow, the fibers gather naturally in the most harmonic way.

It's forth secret is reminding.
Slowly build up by the movement, it's structure is the memory of the time passed for it's making.

It's fifth secret is enlightening.
Light moves through the fibers until it is released according to the Washi's structure in never ending ways."

We want to share these secrets and provide people the awakening, relieving, soothing, reminding and enlightening presence of Washi in their Homes and Lives.


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